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High School Supplemental

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AIEC Application 2015-2016

TAMIT_Student_Application 2015.05.28

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Title VII Student Eligibility Certification

(Additional information for all students)

Supplemental Application 2015.05.28


Information you may have to search for:

  • Statewide Student Identifier (SSID)- This number is available from the school counselor or front office. Often it is on a transcript.
  • Free or Reduced Lunch- We need to know whether your student is receiving ‘free or reduced lunch.’ Some schools allow families to apply for this service, while others designate the entire school body as recipients of ‘free or reduced lunch.’

Why do you ask for so much information?

Much of AIEC’s programming is supported through the State of California Department of Education and other funders. These funders require data and information that allows public dollars to continuously support the program. As a parent, you are welcomed to attend our Parent Advisory Committee Meetings to discuss policies.

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