Intertribal Dance Workshop

The Intertribal Dance Workshop connects youth with native dance experts to promote their confidence and skills in intertribal dance.
March 20, 2019; The Autry Museum
For our first workshop, we will formally introduce ourselves. The workshop presenters will discuss their experience with cultural performance, the history of their performance styles, and the significance of the drum and performance regalia. We will break into groups for beginning dance movements.
Rudy Ortega Sr Park Dates
During these dance workshops, participants will achieve greater repetition of intertribal dance movements in preparation for a final performance at The Autry. Adults are encouraged to complete essential regalia crafts for the finale performance. Essential regalia includes shawls and ribbon shirts. Sewing machines and limited fabric materials will be provided. Some T-shirts will be available for ribbon shirts, but we advise families to buy short-sleeve collared shirts without pockets from thrift stores for more durability and authentic style.
May 15, 2019; The Autry Museum
This is the conclusion of the Intertribal Dance Workshop. Participants will perform the dance categories they have practiced in essential Tribal dance regalia. Workshop presenters will emcee the event to provide an overview of the dance movements, regalia, and the drum to our audience. We encourage extended family and community to attend this event and support participants in their cultural pursuits.
*Potluck event only at Rudy Ortega Sr. Park
March 20 – Autry Museum
March 27 – Rudy Ortega Sr. Park
April 3  –  Rudy Ortega Sr. Park
April 10 – Rudy Ortega Sr. Park
April 24 – Rudy Ortega Sr. Park
May 1 – Rudy Ortega Sr. Park
May 8 – Rudy Ortega Sr. Park
May 15 – Autry Museum

 Rudy Ortega Sr. Park
2025 Fourth Street, San Fernando CA 91340

 Autry Museum
4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles CA 90027

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Courtney Little Axe

My name is Courtney Little Axe, and I am Northern Cheyenne and Absentee Shawnee. I grew up on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in southeastern Montana, as well as in central Oklahoma. I began dancing in the jingle dress category when I was a toddler, then switched to fancy shawl in the fifth grade, and back to jingle as I got older. I have been involved with working with Native youth on my reservation for quite some time. I began helping with youth camps/events during my middle school years and continued to help with various different events through present-day. The most recent project I was involved with on my reservation was teaching a group of young girls the significance of ribbon skirts, and how to make them.

Phil Hale


Phil Hale is of the Navajo Nation. He was born and raised in the Los Angeles American Indian community, however, his parents deemed that it was crucial for him and his siblings to truly know their Native identity and to know about their tribal traditions. Phil danced at Pow-Wows during his younger years and now is an accomplished singer/drummer of the Southern Plains style of Pow-Wow singing. He is a graduate of UCLA, majoring in American Indian Studies, and is currently employed at the Los Angeles Unified School District as the Grant Advisor for the Title VI Indian Education Program. Phil also works as a cultural consultant for various Native community organizations.

Steve Sierra

Mak’uwam te kham Steve Sierra. Hello, my name is Steve Sierra. I am an enrolled member of the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Indian Reservation of El Paso Texas. I am a Northern Traditional dancer and have been dancing in the powwow arena for over 20 years. I am excited to share and learn with you. I feel blessed to be able to dance and share it with you, because of the blessing and healing it brings. Dancing is a way for us to keep alive our teachings and traditions. It is a moving voice to the creator and a fellowship to our family and friends. I encourage you to bring all your questions and ideas to the dance workshop. I will try and answer them all but if I can’t we will find the answer together, A’ho.

Sewing Circle Program

If you are a legal guardian or caretaker of an intertribal dancer, please feel free to join our Sewing Circle Program. Sewing machines and fabric available.
If interested in creating your own Regalia, click HERE for helpful tutorials.
For Shawl guide click HERE
For Girl Skirts click HERE
For Ribbon Shirt ideas click HERE
Don’t have time to make your own regalia?
Please feel free to check out Etsy, click HERE for a possible vender
There is also Sharps Indian Store, click HERE