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Student Services Assessment

The Fernandeno Tataviam Education and Cultural Learning Department (ECLD) strives to provide holistic services for K-12 Native youth who currently reside on Tataviam ancestral Lands. As outlined by the State American Indian Education Program our overall student goals include; obtaining academic achievement, building leadership skills, preparing for college and careers, and developing Native identity and community. To achieve these goals, we use a holistic Student Services Assessment to determine student eligibility and needs.  More specifically, the Student Services assessment is a rubric used to identify student grade level, document the date of the assessment, apply a rating each domain area in which we provide services, and determine student services route. The overall total and individual domain ratings are tallied to determine optimal student services and eligibility.  

Education and Cultural Learning Department establishes services for Native Youth based upon the following criteria: Student Services Assessment, students school grades, student behaviors, parent interviews, teacher documentation and/or observations, student interviews and programing attendance rate. The process of determining services adheres to the AIEC policy of enrollment, minimum service hours, completion of CHKS and regular participation.  

The Student Services Assessment is a holistic rubric that aligns with the four pillars of the Indigenous Wellness wheel: Mind, Body, Community, and Emotions. It is designed to meet the unique needs of each student while also, striving to close the achievement gap for Native Youth within the limits of our program. The Student Services Assessment is administered upon enrollment in the program and reevaluated on a semesterly basis. If issues arise regarding student behavior or chronic absenteeism, the ECLD staff is to first notify parents/guardians and conduct a meeting to address concerns. If student behavior or chronic absenteeism continues then a meeting will be held to reevaluate service criteria and review Parent Agreement and Student Expectations Contract. In the case of prolonged behavioral concerns or chronic absenteeism a student may be exited from the program after three scheduled revaluation meetings. 

Within The Student Services Assessment

six key domains

A total rating of 15+ points indicates over a 50% need for services. A total rating of 14 or less points indicates that the student is high achieving and does not need direct services. The domains with the highest scores are then used to evaluate which program track would best benefit the individual student. The tracks offered through our program are as follows:



Track - Sherchiinchin (YELLOW)

Students from K-8th grade.

Supports the community through opportunities for youth to develop life skills, advance cultural knowledge, and provide hands-on adulting experiences.

College & Career Prep

Track - Rroun' (BLUE)

Students from 8th-12th grade. 

Provides programming to develop pathways to college and future careers.


Track- Sikwa (GREEN)

Students from K -12th grade and adults pursuing higher education. 

Bolsters the mind by offering support in academics, early literacy, and language revitalization.

Identity & Community

Track - Sheriin' (RED)

Preschool-12th grade students.

Uplifts mind, body, community, and emotions through culturally appropriate activities in safe, communal spaces.

Academics: Sikwa (green)


Leadership: Shërchiinchin (yellow)


College & Career Prep: rroun' (Blue)


Identity & Community: Sheriin' (Red)


Tobacco Use Prevention Education

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