2nd to 12th Grade

2nd to 5th Grade

During TAMIT Tuesdays we offer to tutor through a partnership with UCLA. Cultural knowledge is shared with students as they complete cultural activities while meeting other Native youth. Snacks and drinks are provided.

 6th to 8th Grade

Middle School students are welcome to TAMIT Tuesdays for tutoring and cultural activities. Students with active participation are often allowed to join ECLD for high school trips, including Summer Academies & college campus tours.


9th to 12th Grade

College planning is a key element in working with our high school youth. Freshmen and sophomores learn about required classes in order to apply to California’s UC or CSU schools, while juniors and seniors focus on the application process. Our students are encouraged to aim for the highest GPA (grade point average) possible and have tutoring time available to assist in reaching this goal. ECLD offers summer camps, campus tours, and volunteer services to provide students with the necessary tools and assets for success when applying for college. Qualifying students will earn a Letter of Recommendation from TAMIT for campus and scholarship applications of their choice.

A college education can assist people in getting better jobs, which positively impacts income, home environment, health, happiness, and tribal community. On average, a 4-year graduate will earn $1 million more than a high school graduate (Source: US Census Bureau). College can also be a time of personal and intellectual growth.